No other agency in Southwest Missouri is able to assist like Pharm Help

Who we are

Pharm Help is a 501C3 nonprofit operating in Southwest Missouri. Founded by a local pharmacist in 2015. The need is apparent everyday in his pharmacy. The day a child was not going to get needed antibiotics because of cost was the day he knew someone had to help.

How we help

Pharm Help can help those with no insurance, with insurance, people in the coverage gap or doughnut hole, and those that simply cannot afford their medication.

Jordan Valley health clinic of Republic MO, tallied 28 patients in July 2016 that could have benefited from the Pharm Help program . They gave an example of a patient that was diagnosed with scabies.  He had insurance through a major provider and the co pay for the permethrin cream needed he could not afford.  In this case there is no other treatment option available. Pharm Help would have stepped in to cover expenses and he would not have suffered.

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Our Mission:

To be an active contributor to the health of the community by providing assistance for medication expenses.

Who we help

Michelle was frantic.  Her 6-month old had a double ear infection and had been inconsolable for what felt like days. While trying to administer the prescribed medicine to her fussy baby, the bottle tipped over spilling the medication. She went to the pharmacy to get another bottle of the antibiotic only to find that her insurance refused to pay for a replacement. In this case the pharmacist gave the medication to Michelle and then paid for it out of his own pocket. Situations like Michelle’s is what prompted the development of a nonprofit to assist with expenses.

​​​​Everyday patients go without needed medications

A refferal is sent from a medical professional or a participating pharmacy. Pharm Help verifies compliance and established history of patient. The cost of the medication is submitted and confirmed and Pharm Help sends a voucher for payment.
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With your support Pharm Help can assist with medication expenses so no one has to sell the farm to get their pharm.